A few live sessions below the recordings, but we're mainly taking a break in July and August, and will return live in September.

  • Row it again - 3x10' with Tom Middleton and Adrian Ellison
    Thu, 08 Jul
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    08 Jul, 00:00 – 31 Jul, 23:59
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    Tom Middleton of the Molesey Leg-Ends leads a session of 3x10', coxed by Olympic gold medallist Adrian Ellison
  • Row it again - 10, 1, 6, 3 minutes, with Matt Brittin and Adrian Ellison
    08 Jul, 22:15 – 31 Jul, 23:59
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    This recording of a terrific work-out with Matt Brittin and the Molesey Leg-Ends, coxed by Adrian Ellison, includes a full warm-up. If you want a shorter warm-up you can start 5 minutes in to the recording, or to go straight to the work, wind to 12'30. The work is 10, 1, 6 and 3 minutes.
  • Row it again - Pyramid 26 with Guin Batten
    Fri, 09 Jul
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    09 Jul, 00:00 BST – 31 Jul, 23:59 BST
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    This is a half-hour time-saving cardio workout, with Olympic silver medallist and ocean rower Guin Batten. 30 minutes, and all done!
  • Row it again - Descending intervals with Darryl Preston
    Sun, 11 Jul
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    11 Jul, 00:00 – 31 Jul, 23:59
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    Missing Darryl's Zoom at Noon? Get his session of descending intervals - 16, 12, 8, 4 minutes at rates 20, 22, 24 and 26. 90 seconds rest between each - on a recording.
  • Row it again - with Sir Matthew Pinsent
    Mon, 12 Jul
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    12 Jul, 00:00 – 31 Jul, 23:59
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    The Olympic legend's Thursday morning ZE workout of 2, 4, 6, 6, 4, 2' with 2-minute breaks, after a 10-minute warm-up is available here on a recording.
  • Row it again - with Olympic champion Mark Hunter MBE
    Mon, 12 Jul
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    12 Jul, 00:00 – 31 Jul, 23:59
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    Never tried Mark Hunter's half-hour sprint fest? Give it a go in your own time. It's 1 minute on, 1 minute off, rating 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32. Five minutes, three times, for a 30-minute workout.
  • Row it again: Three classic races with Pinsent and Cracknell
    13 Jul, 21:00 – 31 Jul, 23:59
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    Matthew Pinsent and James Cracknell relived three of their greatest races together, and told each other a few things they had never admitted to before! Row with them to videos of the Sydney 2000 Olympic 4- final; the 2002 World Championship 2- final in Seville; and the Athens 2004 Olympic final.
  • Row it again -  4x8', with Matt Brittin
    Sat, 17 Jul
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    17 Jul, 20:30 – 31 Jul, 00:30
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    Matt Brittin led a session of 4x8mins with 2' recovery, which you can row again in your own time
  • LIVE! Sunday 25th July, 11am - 60' steady state with fellow Zoom Ergers
    25 Jul, 11:00 – 12:00
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    With us not running many live sessions through July and August, there's been a request to put up a time when people going steady might just log in together. There will be fellow Zoom Ergers paddling steady every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 11am for an hour.
  • LIVE! Thursday 22nd July, 8.30am - Glute activation with physio Lucy Hart
    22 Jul, 08:30 – 9:00
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    Join professional physio Lucy Hart for a 20-minute stretching session focused on the glutes, following on directly from the Matthew Pinsent work-out
  • Row it again - the 2017 Women's Boat Race, coxed
    Sat, 10 Jul
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    10 Jul, 00:00 – 21 Jul, 23:59
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    This 20-minute session is a re-row of the 2017 Women's Boat Race, complete with Boat Race Umpire Sarah Winckless and with the full course coxed by Matthew Holland. Follow the victorious Cambridge crew, with Tokyo-bound Imogen Grant, as they re-row their race.
    Tue, 01 Jun
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    01 Jun, 00:00 – 30 Jun, 23:00
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    Everyone loves a bit of stash... And we now have a Zoom Ergos t-shirt. Get it in Arctic White or French Navy! Oooh... suits you, sir! It's a training t-shirt in textured fabric with inherent wickability and UPF 30+ UV protection. Sign up to get the link to buy one.


Erg together!

Getting on the ergo can be a lot more fun if you row alongside someone else.  Zoom Ergos has live workouts every day which you can join for as long or as little as you want alongside dozens of others, hosted by Olympic champions, World Champions, professional instructors and clubs.  

In six months we've had just short of 30,000 session sign-ups to nearly 450 workouts from more than 4000 people - from Los Angeles to Sydney, aged 13 to 92, and from complete novice to some of the sport's best-known names.  Nearly half of those who have joined a session don't think of themselves as rowers - and some have even joined on a bike! Many have learned a lot from some of the world's best-ever exponents of the sport, and all of them have loved the sense of community that comes from training with others.  Our average growth rate for weekly session sign-ups and new members since the first week is 30% a week.  People are finding it fun. 

Our aim is to get to a point where we have a full schedule of work-outs across the day so that there is always something you can join, wherever you are in the world. Although the times listed are GMT, we are always on the search for people who can host workouts that are convenient for people all over the world. Whether you find yourself joining one person or 150 people depends on what the take-up is in your timezone, so let people know they can join, and let us know what you would like to see or if you can facilitate a workout where you are!

Please note that, as mentioned above, times on the site are UK times (GMT). 

Sign up to a session below


This site is put up to facilitate a sense of community among people who want to use rowing machines for fitness and well-being, by offering them the chance to co-ordinate the timings of their own workouts with others who may also be training.  We use Zoom, which you may be aware has on rare occasions been hijacked by people who want to post inappropriate images. Anyone under 18 should use the site only with the approval of an adult. All users, older or younger than 18, should note that you can make your own decision about outgoing video settings (and that leaving your camera on may mean that an image of you is tweeted or in some other way broadcast by other participants). Whatever outgoing setting you choose, and whether you select an incoming view of just the session leader or the gallery of participants, you do so - in either case - at your own risk.

We don’t make any judgment about your levels of fitness and we aren’t encouraging anyone to train harder than they safely should or would by themselves. Training alongside Olympic athletes doesn’t make you one, even if you can pretend  as much to your neighbour’s kids. You should be clear that you must take responsibility for your own skill levels, health and fitness - and therefore the level and intensity of exercise which is safe for you. We accept no liability if you injure yourself or do yourself any kind of damage from joining one of our sessions, and neither does the person leading the session. If you are in any doubt, you should take professional training and/or health advice and/or instruction before undertaking any exercise, on or off a rowing machine.

In short, we are here to make life more fun. Don’t be silly, and listen to your body when you are training.



If you want to host a workout, or you have any thoughts or feedback, please get in touch.  The more workouts we have, the more people from the rowing community and from further afield we can get together!

And please let others who have access to an indoor rowing machine know about us. It's a lot more fun to train alongside others, and they can do so on a machine in a gym or at a club, taking the workouts in with them on a mobile phone.

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Many thanks to those who have enthusiastically supported this project by agreeing to host sessions.

Our aims are to help people in a very difficult time by providing what we know is an enormous community with a platform to support each other;   to get to an ever-widening audience of people, some of whom might not even have thought that rowing was for them, but who can - through the machine - start to feel the enormous benefits that the sport can bring;   and to link the grassroots of the rowing world to some of those at the very pinnacle of the sport (and vice-versa), giving visibility to and creating a sense of camaraderie for both.

You are helping us to achieve all those things. So thank you!