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You use an ergo, right?

Ever got on an ergo in the gym and been delighted there was someone next to you whose rhythm you could pick up? Wish you could be training alongside someone when you're on a machine during lockdown? We reckon you're not alone. So we've set up ergo sessions over Zoom, where you can join free for as much or as little of someone else's workout as you want. Like people do in the gym.

We launched in November 2020 as the UK went into its second COVID lockdown, and since then we've run dozens of sessions hosted by Olympic and World champions, medallists and competitors, Boat Race veterans, instructors, clubs, and others who just want to train alongside others to keep motivated. You don't have to do their whole session: you can just paddle with them for as long as you were planning to workout. You don't have to be fit or expert: we have raw novices, and others on a path to fitness. No-one is looking at your score, or cares what machine you're on. You don't even have to have your own camera on. You can choose exactly what you want to do and how you do it. You just do it alongside others, because it's easier, and more fun, that way.  

There are all sorts of sessions to suit, at all times of day. Sign up for any and you will be sent a Zoom link. You can set your phone or tablet up alongside your ergo, or if you have a cradle to put on your PM5, you can put it on that. Try it. People who have, love it. 

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